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Monday, July 26, 2004
11:42 PM
Quick Rundown.

Still busy, but just a few highlights of the weekend ....

-- Despedida for a friend who's going to Cornell for her MBA; we'll miss you, Michelle! See you soon!

-- Discovered a little chapel in Eastwood a budding Church community, thanks to Katz. Eastwood doesn't have a parish of its own yet, but a priest comes every Sunday to celebrate Mass, and the new Church community is slowly growing. :)

-- The U.S. has Farenheit 9/11; the Philippines has Imelda. It looks like there really is a market for documentaries in the movie theaters. Imelda opened last week; Mike and I watched it yesterday, and the theater was almost full. Ramona Diaz's movie, a biography of Imelda Marcos based on a series of interviews with her, was very well done (it won the Best Cinematography award at last year's Sundance), and quite fair, to tell the truth. Filipinos might not learn anything new about Imelda from the film, but then again, the film was made for an American audience. One of my favorite Imelda bite: In the part were she was talking about the assassination attempt against her, "If someone has to assassinate me, why does he have to use a bolo that's so ugly!!!! He could have tied, you know, a yellow ribbon to it or something!"

-- Today: SONA, but I wasn't able to watch it because I was busy cramming some administrative work at school. Back to work, work, work ...!!!
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Sunday, July 18, 2004
8:10 PM
Teacher, teacher ....

A cousin of mine is reviewing for ths year's teacher's licensure examination, and she's asking for my help. She managed to get a hold of what she says is last year's questionnaire for English and Literature teachers. The questionnaire, however, did not come with an answer key, and so she lent me a copy and asked me to answer whatever I could.

I began reading the questionnaire last night, and it made me really depressed. The questionnaire was littered with typographical and grammatical errors; many of the questions asked for silly trivial knowledge; and worst of all, there were questions that were shockingly poor in construction.

Just a few examples (I'm typing them as is, including the typographical and spelling errors):

117. A good remediation class in reading should have this outlook that:

A. teacher takes her class of 40 different classes
B. a class of 40 can be divded into 8 groups
C. leaders can take the place of teachers
D. the teacher can split the class into two

119. This expression is always quoted: "Justice delayed is justice denied." This means it is a ___________.

A. President Quirino's concern
B. President Quezon's concern
C. fact
D. A quest

142. In the past communications were sent by letters and telegrams. Now, faster interaction is done through __________.

A. telefax machines
B. telephones
C. cellphone test messages
D. e-mails internet

143. Computers have aided test correction. Items are also properly analyzed. Out of generated data the computer puts out accurately a program on _________.

A. standard deviation
B. test errors
C. test mean
D. frequency of score

144. A government office can carry out written orders through a fast approach by the use of _________.

A. radio calls
B. satellite
C. internet
D. telephone messages

145. When preparing test items general and specific objectives are guides in test construction. Which of this is a general objective?

A. Understands the part of an English structure.
B. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of sentence structure.
C. Determines the structural parts of a sentences.
D. Manifest knowledge on idiomatic expressions.


Sufficiently depressed? Send e-mail to Pathways to find out how you can help improve public education in the Philippines, or read up on the Department of Education's Adopt-a-School program.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
1:44 PM

Sorry, I've been very busy with work. In the meantime, check out my friends' blogs linked on the left.
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